Pristine Doll

Type: Consumable

Value: 50 gold


Causes the Hexed-effect to one type of enemy, making it act against an ally instead of the heroes for one turn. Has a 1/6 chance to break after every use. 

Varieties Edit

  • Singed Doll: Fiery Enemies
  • Soaked Doll: Aquatic Enemies
  • Frozen Doll: Icy Enemies
  • Shady Doll: Dark Enemies
  • Pristine Doll: Light Enemies
  • Dusty Doll: Rock Enemies

General InformationEdit

  • This is an uncommon consumable, sold by street vendors in the Dwarven city of Brumpknob.


  • Drandora lays claim to the origin of the Voodoo Dolls


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