Walbartan is a middle-aged pongcanis druid hailing from the Crinkah Tribe dwelling on the outskirts of Uland. She was separated from her two children, Bandu and Wishwater, when her tribesmen abandoned her to die to her wounds after they lost a battle. She was always considered to be weak, due to her kind-heartedness and willingness to heal rather than hurt others.

Walbartan survived and managed to heal herself, but shame prevented her from returning to her tribe. Thus she made her way to the Hovels of Eubric, where her excellent healing skills were quickly noticed by the Wolfgang. Their leader Ulric Wolfkin took her in with open arms, welcoming her into the faction. She befriended three other outcasts, and together they became known as the Fearsome Four - not because they were particularly dangerous, but because all of them were feared for what they presented rather than what they were.


Walbartan resorts to desperate measures to ensure the heroes follow through their mission.

The Fearsome Four followed Mr. Gaunt on a mission to Babeleth to intercept a group of heroes from Heroica who were trying to uncover the secrets of Baba, a witch that Ulric had aligned himself with. Walbartan was uncertain whether the alliance was wise, but she did not want to question the man that had given her a new life. She infiltrated the group of heroes under pretense of being on a lookout for rare herbs, and helped Mr. Gaunt turn against their organization and destroy the Tower of Babel that held the answers they had been tasked to find - even though it required her to resort to threats and violence, which she loathed. Two of the Fearsome Four lost their lives on the mission, but Walbartan survived, and returned to Ulric's side - with doubt growing ever larger in her heart.


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