Wands are weapons suitable for mages, necromancers, scholars and weather mages. Many heroes have started their career with a wand with three weapon power, and a wand with five weapon power is available for 50 gold from Anwyl Smokebeard's Smithy, in the Marketplace.

List of WandsEdit

  • Darkstar Wand (WP:12; has 1/2 chance of inflicting hexed-effect; darkness-elemental wand)
  • Ebony Wand (WP:8, wand)
  • Fauxthril Wand (WP:5, wand)
  • Glass Wand (WP:5, comes with the Hollow Blade Upgrade, allowing a liquid consumable to be used without spending a turn, wand.) value: 65 Gold
  • Lilliput Twig (WP:1, wielder’s spellpower is not reduced when under minimized-effect, wand.)
  • Lovelorn Wand (WP:6; causes enamored-effect, wand) Value: 90 gold.
  • Lullaby Wand (WP: 6, deals sleep effect, wand) Value: 90 gold.
  • Healing Wand (WP: 5, healing effect, wand) Value: 50 gold
  • Mockthril Wand (WP:4, wand)
  • Pongcanis Mage's Staff (WP:5, wand)
  • Rat Scepter (WP:3, 4x damage to enemies named “rat”; wand)
  • Scaridy Wand (WP:6; causes afraid-effect; wand) Value: 90 gold.
  • Starstruck Wand (WP:6, confused-effect, wand)
  • Trickster’s Baubel (WP:5, each hit causes one random effect: stunned, poisoned by 1, asleep, blinded, sealed or confused; wand)
  • Wand of Wrath (WP:6; causes enraged-effect.) Value: 90 gold.
  • Wishing Wand (WP:12; each successful hit has 1/2 chance of inflicting either asleep-, blinded-, sealed- or confused-effect, according to what the user wishes; wand.)

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