Warlock Hoples is the Town Watch's first and thus far only detective, in charge of solving less obvious crimes. How the fidgety, sweaty and overly polite Warlock landed the job is as big of a mystery to himself as it is to everyone else, but Captain Patricia Cousland must have seen something special in the bookish young man. Warlock was born as a fourth son in the scholarly Hoples family. Much to his family's disgrace, he flunked his final exams at The Academy of Enlightenment - he blames his poor nerves - and ended up enrolling to the Watch. After just four months in service, Warlock was promoted as a detective and presented with his first job to solve a peculiar crime wave that hit the Marketplace. A kobold called Watsap that he had befriended was ordered to assist him, but it turned out the envious Watsap had organized the whole incident to show Warlock's incompetence.


Warlock discover's Watsap's treachery.

Watsap was arrested and fired whereas Warlock got to keep his job. He became more confident in his skills over time as he began cracking increasingly tougher cases with the help of Heroica. He investigated the disappearance of his old school and a mysterious monster roaming around Eubric at night, among others.


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