The nine weather types can be used in a battle to affect elemental multipliers against heroes/enemies. This has been officially incorporated into the game mechanics by Sandy, but it is optional for Quest Masters to use. Quest Masters are able to freely combine the different types (for example, a desert could have Hot & Dry weather, doubling fire and earth damage and halving ice and lightning damage), or make up their own advanced variations.

The Weather System was first featured experimentally in Quest #100.

One of the expert job classes, the Weather Mage, can change the weather and even cause disasters related to the current climate.

Basic Weather Types Edit

Breezy: doubles wind-elemental damage, halves earth-elemental damage

Bright: doubles light-elemental damage, halves darkness-elemental damage

Cold: doubles ice-elemental damage, halves wood-elemental damage

Dim: doubles darkness-elemental damage, halves light-elemental damage

Dry: doubles earth-elemental damage, halves lightning-elemental damage

Electrified: doubles lightning-elemental damage, halves water-elemental damage

Hot: doubles fire-elemental damage, halves ice-elemental damage

Humid: doubles water-elemental damage, halves fire-elemental damage

Lush: doubles wood-elemental damage, halves wind-elemental damage

Other Weather Types Edit

In addition to the nine basic weather types, there have also been rarer, more complex weather types featured in Quests. While most of these are a simple combination of two or more basic weather types above, a few more complicated weather types have appeared with their own special mechanics.

Maelstrom - A sinister maelstrom appears in the sky, blocking the sun and making darkness-, ice-, wind- and lightning-elemental attacks twice as effective, but also doubling the ether cost of all magic and healing. (Introduced: Quest #100)

Burning Hot - doubles fire damage, halves ice damage; causes 2 fire-elemental damage to all combatants every battle round, and per each update outside of battle. (Introduced: Quest #135)

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