Wishing Starfish is an aquatic monster that appears in the Fields of Glory. It is also featured in a Decamon card (Aquatic 4).

Battle StatisticsEdit

Wishing Starfish

  • Type: Aquatic/Luminous
  • Level: 27
  • Health: 381/381
  • Special: Three Wishes – One of three things happens: 1) up to 270 health is restored to all allies, 2) 27 light-elemental damage is caused to all opponents, or 3) all combatants fall asleep.
  • Drops (varies by roll):
    • 1: Wishing Wand (WP:12; each successful hit has ½ chance of inflicting either asleep-, blinded-, sealed- or confused-effect, according to what the user wishes)
    • 2-3: Cosmic Essence (Revives a knocked out ally with full health and ether and gives them the blessed-effect)
    • 4-6: nothing

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