Equality. Justice. Revolution.

Description Edit

An underground group connected to the Wolfgang that acknowledges Ulric Wolkin as Eubrics true king. They are supported by the Orcish Liberation Movement and its leader: Kukulkan. The Wolf King's Followers hopes to overthrow the old order where the houses (the factions organised in the Sungold Alliance and The Crescent Union) have fought over the power of Eubric amongst themselves.

Faction Events Edit

The first faction event ("Spread the Word") is still ongoing. The members are rewarded with higher ranks in an internal hierarchy depending on how well they influence other individuals and groups to support their cause. A higher rank also means that a certain faction reputation is achieved.

Ranks (from lowest to highest) with members in italics:

  • Esquire (equals good reputation among the Wolfgang) - Kiray, Purpearl, Skrall
  • Knight (equals great reputation among the Wolfgang) - Calamity, Nur, Pretzel
  • Baronet (equals outstanding reputation among the Wolfgang)
  • Baron
  • Viscount
  • Count
  • Margrave
  • Duke
  • Grand Duke
  • Viceroy

Wolfgang Contraband Edit

Members of the Wolfking's Followers can buy the following unique items:

Bright Polish (SP +1 to one shield or armor upon use.) Costs 250 gold.

Grating Stone (WP +1 to one weapon upon use.) Costs 250 gold.

Phoenix Incense (Revives all knocked out party members to full health during a battle.) Costs 150 gold.

Mythril (A very rare metal that can be forged into weapons, adding 10 WP.) Costs 1000 gold.

Scroll of Magic Disguise (Changes the appearance of the target to anything the caster desires for 1 ether per minute of duration (actual duration dictated by the Quest Master).) Costs 500 gold.

Members Edit

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