Yu Shu

Yu Shu is the head of the Warrior Priests, an elite group of warriors serving in the Paladin Order.

Biography Edit

Yu Shu and her brother Oko were twins, born to two were-lions in Terra Chima. Their mother had once been a Chi Monk with the Brotherhood of Chi, but while traveling in Terra Chima she fell in love with their father, and left the order to remain at his side. Yu Shu and her brother were cast out of the tribe on their sixteenth birthday.

Twins in Terra Chima are bad luck if they remain within the territory. We were raised by our parents, but at only sixteen years we were forced to leave the tribe to seek our own fortune. My mother protested it, but that was the tribe's belief. Twins will receive great acclaim, but only if they seek their fortunes elsewhere.
~ Oko Enzima
The two travelled to Xu, where they studied the way of the sword under a Blade Master of the Brotherhood of Chi. Afterwards, they traveled to Eubric. She and her brother both joined the Warrior Priests, and eventually Yu Shu became the head of the Order.

Quest #127: A Light in the Darkness Edit

Knowing there to be spies within the Paladins whom had been perverted by the Order Imperial, Yu Shu prepared to strike back. Secrecy being paramount, she hired Avery the Red Assassin and heroes to assist her, Marcellus, and her brother Oko in an assault against a compound in the High Kingdoms.

Yu Shu v Oko

Yu Shu crosses blades with Oko, her twin brother.

Upon arriving at the compound, it was impossible for the heroes to enter. During the night, Oko betrayed the party and revealed his true colors as a member of the Order Imperial. The heroes were brought into the compound as prisoners, and soon broke free, with Yu Shu admitting this as her plan all along so as to gain access to the compound.

She and the heroes were able to kill the leader of the Order Imperial in the area, Bella, and also kill her traitorous brother Oko, though it pained her greatly to do so. As a final act, Bella was able to poison Yu Shu. Though the heroes were able to return Yu Shu to Eubric, she was severely damaged by the poison.

Quest #139: Around the World Edit

Upon arriving in Xu, the party once more ran into Yu Shu, who had returned to her former training grounds to try to recover her lost reflexes and fighting skills. She was still incredibly weak due to the poison, having to fight at about one fourth speed. Master Jin, her former sparring partner, was put in charge of her rehabilitation.

Quest #156: Land Pirates Edit

On Fort Bonaparte, the party finds Yu Shu totally recovered and meeting with Blackgull regarding the Conscription Proposal released by the Sungold Alliance.

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