Zander was the Prince of the Court of Demons. Before his transformation, Zander went by the name Jonah and was a member of the Paladin Order. Over his years of service he was driven mad by the deaths he saw the Righteous Light invoke. Eventually the Magician of the Court was able to track him down and offer him the fight the atrocities he saw in the world. Coming before the Master of Regret, Jonah asked to consume the soul of Zed Zeigfried. Unbeknownst to Jonah the soul was tainted by the power of Abaraxas, and was too much for the young Paladin to handle. He went insane, and became Zander in full. He gained the ability to produce lightning without a gem.

Jonah had once been a young member of the Paladin Order, but when he saw the Lightness killing many, his young mind snapped and he hoped for only the death of everything. His brain grew savage. He asked for the power to end life quickly, and he received it. The Master of Regret had snagged a scrap of Zed's soul as he fled this life, and a piece of Abaraxas' power with it. He infused them into the boy. Jonah became Zander, and his glee for death increased ten fold, as did his ability to implement it. He was driven mad in the process. The little part of Jonah that remains, tucked somewhere inside Zander... he regrets that very much. I can feel it.
~ Master of Regret

After Zander and his fellow Court Members swallowed their souls, Zander electrocuted Zane for his "weak" choice of many souls instead of a single powerful soul.

Zander Electric

Zander as the "Prince of Power".

When Wren invaded Eubric, Zander and the Court tried to access the Temple of Zoot before she could. Zander and Zane were captured by heroes, and were evnetually forced to lead them to the Court's headquarters. There Zane killed Zander's body and swallowed his soul.

Appearances Edit

  • Quest #53: Chaos in Eubric

Battle StatisticsEdit

  • Level 34 Electric *Hastened* *Immune to Instant Kills* *Immune to Slowed, Stunned, Sealed, Bound & Blinded*
  • Health: 656/656
  • Ether: 12/12
  • Special I: Electric Field – Forms an aura of electricity around Zander that causes 15 lightning-elemental damage to the next five attackers that score a hit against him. Uses two ether.
  • Special II: (Used if Electric Field is in effect) Electrocute – Instantly KO’s the target. Uses one ether.
  • Drops: x4 Lightning Bombs, x2 Topaz
  • Note: If ether is depleted, special damage will count as normal damage.

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