Zane was the Fool of the Court of Demons. Before becoming a member of the Court of Demons, Zane was a Orcish slave in Eubric.

Biography Edit

When the Magician of the Court led the various members down to have their souls merged with the souls of other, Zane realized that the souls of much greater entitities were likely to tear a mere mortal apart. Referring to Mephisto:

"I told him that the eater of souls was not likely to share a body," Zane tells them with a shrug.

Zane wisely traded the Magician of the Court a favor for her counsel. Under the Magician's guidance Zane accepted fragments of many souls, and being able to conquer the many small voices he retain his sanity. Zander electrocuted Zane shortly afterwards for sport, ridiculing the Orc for choosing such a small power.

When Wren invaded Eubric, Zane assisted the Court in their attempts to gain access to the Temple of Zoot but was swiftly captured by the heroes. He led them to both the Master of Regret and then the Court of Demons, where he killed Zander and consumed his soul. Finding the Magician mortally wounded, he consumed her soul as well, paying the favor he owed her (he body perished but her soul survived).

Zane afterwards travelled with XX and Johnny Everyman to Bric'Lin, where they met with Lord Chauncey. XX and Zane spent some time in Eubric afterwards. Zane continued up north and caught a boat off of Uland, and has yet to be heard of since then.

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