Zasies is a Selkreeth Berserker hired as extra muscle for the independent cargo vessel The Magpie. At 72 years of age, she's still somewhat young for a Selkreeth. Leaving her home village somewhere in the Kalma Marshlands, she travelled the world seeking out the most challenging fights she could, tougher than even her typically violent village could offer. Eventually she found her way onto the Magpie, the crew seeking to fill the space left by their former traitorous muscle. The ship offered good pay and a moist atmosphere, a necessity for the Selkreeth who thrive in swamps or oases, but most importantly, the amount of trouble the ship would get into on an almost regular basis ensured she never tired of life aboard. She still struggles to reconcile her foreign manner of speaking with "needlessly complex" words in Common, and often labels individuals with words in the Selkreeth language. She is also typically seen carrying an enormously lethal mace, a traditional Selkreeth weapon.


During a quest to hunt down a Blue Assassin, a case of mistaken identity led a group of heroes to confront Zasies in the Inn of the Winking Gargoyle. They believed one of the Magpie's other crewmembers to be a Blue Assassin. She was merely having a drink and seeking out work on behalf of the ship, but eagerly agreed to take them back to the vessel as long as they fought with her, always ready for a good fight. The heroes were victorious, and she led them back to the Magpie. The mistake was quickly corrected and the heroes were given a new lead to pursue, but not before a Bonaparte squad attempted to arrest the entire crew over past grievances and the ship's less-than-stellar reputation. The party was again victorious with the help of Zasies and the rest of the Magpie's crew, and left to the underground city of Zylstra.


Zasies during the trip north in Quests #88 and #89.

Another quest (or two) led almost a dozen heroes to book passage to the High Kingdoms and Baltarok on the Magpie, courtesy of their quest-givers. Zasies was once again present during the trip north, and was more than happy to fight off a horde of viking raiders known appropriately as the Beards. The Beards had been attacking the Sunflower, Attina Bonaparte's personal vessel, which had been engaged in a war against the aggressive pillagers for several months. Despite the Magpie's sour relationship with the Bonapartes, the heroes convinced Captain Illdria to intercept the vikings and ultimately rescued the vessel. Later, the Sunflower and the Magpie worked together to repel the a large, opportunistic attack by the vikings during the Battle of Augustus Bridge.

Appearances Edit

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