Zed burns.

As the Archmagistrum of the family of wizards, Zed was the next in line as the head of the Ziegfrieds. However, a pact with Abraxas, the Archdemon of Pride, made him lose his wife Sycamore, the sanity of his daughter Chesterine, and nearly the soul of his mother Zelda. When Zed's evil actions were almost exposed by a group of heroes from Heroica, Abraxas turned the whole family into furniture. Zed was turned into a demonic bed, but after the heroes beat the demon out of him, he confessed everything. The furious archdemon burned Zed with unholy flames, but kept his soul as a slave.


The souls of Zed, Fahrenheit and Sycamore inside Lilly's mind.

Years later, Abraxas slipped Zed's soul inside the mind of his granddaughter Lilly, along with the souls of Sycamore and Zed's father Fahrenheit - who Zed had betrayed by feeding his soul to the archdemon. Abraxas' plans were thwarted once again by Heroica.


Battle StatisticsEdit



Zed transformed into a pylon bed.

Zed the Bed

  • Type: Demon/Mechanical
  • Level: 6
  • Health: 30/30 (cannot be damaged until the four posters have been defeated)
  • Special: Deep Sleep – makes the target fall fast asleep, forcing it to missing its turn until woken up by a roll of 1 or 2, or until the effect is remedied.
  • Drops: Holy Bomb

Red Post

  • Type: Fiery
  • Level: 4
  • Health: 15/15
  • Special: Fire Ward – blocks fire-elemental attacks for the duration of the next round.
  • Drops: Fire Bomb

Blue Post

  • Type: Aquatic
  • Level: 4
  • Health: 15/15
  • Special: Water Ward – blocks water-elemental attacks for the duration of the next round.
  • Drops: Water Bomb

White Post

  • Type: Icy
  • Level: 4
  • Health: 15/15
  • Special: Ice Ward – blocks ice-elemental attacks for the duration of the next round.
  • Drops: Ice Bomb

Yellow Post

  • Type: Electric
  • Level: 4
  • Health: 15/15
  • Special: Thunder Ward – blocks thunder-elemental attacks for the duration of the next round.
  • Drops: Thunder Bomb


Soul of Zed Ziegfried

  • *Immune to negative effects and sudden death*
  • Type: Ethereal/Humanoid
  • Level: 45
  • Defense: 0
  • Health: 1132/1132
  • Ether: 5/5
  • Special I: Ominous Weather – Instantly changes the current weather to “dim” (double darkness damage, halve light damage) for the rest of the battle at the cost of 1 ether. Used only if the weather is not “dim”.
  • Special II: Abyss – Causes darkness-elemental damage equal to two times Zed’s level and the sealed-effect to all opponents at the cost of 1 ether. Used only if the weather is “dim”.
  • Special III: Etherstorm – Depletes ether from all opponents and refills ether for all allies. Used only if ether is at zero.
  • Drops: Weatherfax Broom (WP:25; makes weather forecasts instant instead of being applied at the end of the round; suitable to weather mages; broomstick)

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