Considered more of an archenemy to the gods rather than an actual deity, Zoot the Forsaken One holds govern over the void that surrounds the mortal world. If he ever had a symbol, it is now long forgotten. He is also referred to as Azazot, the ruler of the hordes of demons that dwell in the Void. It is said that his worshippers are driven mad by his evil influence, but the truth is that anyone who wants to worship him must already be insane.


Zoot's temple under Eubric.

At some point in history, dark temples were raised in his name, and one of them is rumoured to be buried beneath Eubric Freeport as well, lost a millennia ago when the corrupted Moon Elven kingdom of Mercution was destroyed by the forces of Ennon. Nowadays the name of Zoot is mostly used to scare naughty children, but due to the increased amount of demons breaching through to the mortal realm, Azazot is a more threatening name.

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