Zylstra is a Gnome enclave deep below Eubric, accessible through a manhole behind the Eubric Apothecary. It has been called the Undertown, the Rathole, or the City by the Sewers. It is a settlement of, primarily, though other shorter folk such as dwarves and halflings have been known to dwell there.[1] Although Zylstra is almost as old as Eubric itself[2], there are few buildings; the most iconic is the tavern built into a giant mushroom, known as the Sluice.[3] There is a tunnel from Zylstra to Nu Mercution.

Zylstra, from Quest #98

Zylstra features prominently in Quest #69, Quest #98 and in Quest #151.

Notable Characters Connected to Zylstra Edit

  • Rollo: The town digger
  • The Baron of Zylstra: The Mayor
  • Wally McFry: A sometime resident and inventor
  • Vinum: The bartender of the Sluice
  • Moke: The banker and assistant to the Baron
  • Posco Padfoot: Sole protector
  • Maggie McFry: The town architect
  • Shelby: Shopkeeper
  • Rodney: Scavenger
  • Erveka 'Eve': Scavenger

References Edit

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